The Root of Dread, Resentment, Weariness

I woke up this morning feeling such a heavy feeling of DREAD.

Real talk…I hate to say it, but I always feel dread on days when I have ministry sessions :-(

So I took it to the Lord and asked what this is. I don’t want to keep feeling this awful way!

“You dread the hard work you’re about to do. You dread taking so much time to sit and work with someone when you have so many other things that you want to do”

So I asked why it’s so heavy and exhausting for me. Isn’t this just a normal thing to feel when we’re doing good and important work for the Lord?

“No. You learned that from the spirit of religion”

Wait, what?

“Religion says to work hard for me. I say my yoke is easy and I offer you rest. Who are you believing?”


Ok what about the time thing…how can I avoid feeling restless and resentful when I feel like doing something else?

“Religion says hustle and grind because time is short. Time’s a wastin’. I remind you that I am the keeper of time. I can redeem the hours you spend in this. Again, who are you believing?”

And…dang again

So, once again I put this ministry  in His hands. I show up to every session empty handed and trust Him to do the heavy work. I will rest and be patient as I give my time…with the faith that there will be time for all important things today.

I was blessed recently by a friend sharing that God had a vision of our ministry team - each person had their own special wardrobe and weapon as we went to battle.  But what she saw of me didn't include any weapons or armor! 

I confess, I had the fleeting thought…where is my armor? My weapons?  I’m just standing on a big rock looking at God with a smile on my face?!

Yup. That’s exactly right.

I’m standing on THE Rock



Feeling the wind in my hair

Wearing the simple crown of a well-loved daughter



Watching Him

Worshiping Him as He does what He does best…being God

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