Love Who?

Jesus: "love your neighbor as yourself"

Spirit of religion: "You're an unlovable wretched sinner"
Several years ago, I was exercising to a song called "I love me" (Megan Trainor I think). As I be-bopped along to the catchy tune I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "Do you?"
I literally stopped in my tracks.
"Is this song evil, Lord? Should I not be listening to it? Am I even supposed to love myself? That feels/sounds arrogant."
His reply... "Well maybe I should change the command to say 'love others more than yourself' then" with a wink and a smile
All at once His truth washed over me...the assumption in the command to love others as myself is that OF COURSE I love myself.
If I can't follow this most basic command because I've learned to "humble" myself to the point of loathing can I expect to be of any use at all for the Lord's purposes?
Have you noticed how the enemy uses truth, and twists it just a smidge? It still SEEMS true...but it only RESEMBLES truth.
Resembling truth is not the same as BEING truth.
This is one of those times. Humility makes sense and is proper before a holy God.
But that doesn't mean we spend our lives beating ourselves up and constantly being in grief about our sin.
Our thoughts about ourselves should reflect God's thoughts about ourselves. We are called to have the mind of Christ. So what does He say about you?
You're forgiven
You're loved
You're seating in the heavenlies
You're a friend of His
You're adored
You're a delight
You have purpose and calling
You have spiritual gifts
You're useful
You were saved, healed, and delivered
You are free
You have all you need
You are protected
You are adopted and fully accepted
You are able and welcome to enter the presence of God any time
I could go on and on and on...the Word is FILLED with beautiful revelations of what Jesus purchased for us on that wretched cross!
If you feel at all less than what God says about you, then friend...I lovingly say to've fallen for a lie.
You have a real enemy who steals and kills and destroys. If you're living hurt and defeated and lost, then the enemy has stolen something from you.
As a believer, you have the authority to take it back. TAKE IT BACK!
Love yourself
Love yourself like God loves you
Get healed and whole and restored
THEN you can love others as you love yourself...and you'll love them well!

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