I Just Like Making Stuff :-)


I started something new and fun recently! 

Years ago, I remember talking with my dad about business names. He emphasized the importance and value of a person's name, and it stuck with me. I reopened and re-branded my Etsy store a couple days ago. I've always strived to "look professional"...fancy or something I guess. But as I stared at the screen the other day, I heard my dad's voice and I thought about my mom and dad choosing this name. For ME. So I'm done with "fancy" or "professional" I'm just gonna do...ME. One November day in Texas about 50 years ago, a young couple met their first child. A baby girl. And they named her Daiquiri Rose. I don't have a specialty product because I love creating in ALL forms. I don't have a special background for my logo...just a simple little yellow rose I painted with watercolors a few years ago. I have no idea who my "target audience" is or what they're looking for. LOL - I'm basically breaking all the smart business tips/rules I've ever read about. And I'm ok with that. I'm just going to create for the joy of it, and that will be good enough. And if it seems like something that might bless, encourage, or inspire someone besides me...I'll throw it in the Etsy shop and see what happens. So come see me at my Etsy shop, "DaiqRose Creations"! Or don't. That's ok too ;-)

I'll just be over here making stuff and having fun ox Daiq Rose

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