Get Your Hopes UP!

Get Your Hopes UP! I saw literal miracles this past weekend...

Friends, I say this with gentleness, love, and compassion because I used to be president of "The Skeptics Club" ;-)

I used to think that, for some reason, God chose to stop being the same type of God as described in the Bible.

I used to think that the miracles in the Old Testament were probably more illustrative than literal...or, at the very least, they had stopped happening because God's purpose had been fulfilled.

And the miracles of the New Testament? Well, I at least believed they were literal....but I sure thought they were just for "that season" and weren't happening anymore.

And then one fateful day, I cried out to God "Please, PLEASE show me the real YOU. I have to know who You really ARE no matter what it costs me!"

Suddenly, the Bible came to life in a fresh way. It would take a bit longer for some of my skepticism to drop off to the point where I was willing and able to consider the idea that God was AND STILL IS doing the miraculous.

The world, "diagnoses", aches and pains...the things of the flesh are very noisy and convincing. Would I be willing to believe God's Word even over all the "evidence" in the flesh??

🌟 Friends, I'm here to testify: God IS still doing the miraculous!

In the past 2 weeks I've seen 4 miraculous healings of people's bodies first hand. A shoulder, a back, and 2 knees (two different people).

And that's just what I've seen with my own eyes! I've received feedback forms from a couple other people who were prayed for at our woman had pain in her hand that "disappeared", and the other had been deaf in one of her ears for several years and God popped that thing right open...good as new!

He WILL BE...always...OUR HEALER

♥️ I get's scary to allow yourself to hope when you haven't seen it with your own eyes. But the Bible calls us walk by faith, NOT by sight. Are you willing to take a chance on hope? Are you willing to take a chance on God and His unfailing Word?

I hope you are. I hope you're willing to get your hopes up.

Hopeful is a really wonderful way to live 💕

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