I was rocked by a word from God last night…

About 5 years ago, I was spending hours and hours each day just praying and worshiping.  I’d lock myself in a room after everyone left, and I’d just cry out.  I was DESPERATE for something I couldn’t even name. 

One day, I had the urge to get a shofar haha!  Totally of God, because that is NOT me!

I bought one, and managed to get a couple little squeaks out of it that sounded like a tortured dying animal….and I gave up.  Went back to praying and worshiping the old way.

YESTERDAY morning during worship, just before I stepped toward the front of the room to get closer, I hear the Lord say very clearly, “I heard that shofar”…with a tenderness and playfulness that felt like a wink.  I went forward for to worship at the front of church…and when I opened my eyes to see SO MANY people up there too…I was just so blown away (very unusual for our church) - I wished we could have stayed up there all day.

God heard that pitiful little squeak from the depths of my heart’s cry.  And I’m not the only one who’s been longing for what He’s about to release.  I still don’t have a “name” for it, but I know it’s SO GOOD.

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