Have You Forgotten?


Have you forgotten?

If you believe that God is holding your past against you or looking on you with disapproval or disgust...you might have forgotten that God pardons through Jesus.

If you believe that God gave you sickness to "teach you a lesson" or to "refine your character"...you might have forgotten that God is your healer.

If you believe you're "too far gone"...you might have forgotten God's power to redeem all that's been lost.

If you believe God is waiting for you to mess up so He can crush you with His vengeance.... you might have forgotten that that God tenderly crowns you in his love, kindness, mercy, and compassion. He's a good Father.

If you believe God expects you to live in poverty and lack and suffering...you might have forgotten that God satisfies you with good things and renews you.

Ask Him, friends. Ask Him simply, "Lord, do I believe a lie about you?" And then listen as He gently replies.

If He points out a lie (hint: it's probably linked to an area of your life where you feel stressed or fearful), then ask "Lord, please show me the TRUTH to replace this lie."

Let Him renew you in the TRUTH of Who He IS 💕

The truth of Who He is? It'll set you FREE like you've never known freedom 🔥🙌🏼

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