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I'm afraid facebook is going to be my downfall!  It's become one of the primary ways I communicate with my friends and family, leaving my sweet little blog way behind the times!

I often hop on facebook to share the cute things my kiddos say, but fb is temporary.  This blog is a bit more lasting (I hope).  So I'm scrolling back through old fb posts and transferring a few of the "zingers" here for posterity...and for the grandparents who are not on facebook!

Here goes:

Finally, we had a warm day!  Thomas was concerned though....when noticing the sweat dripping from his head, he said with a worried look "Mama!  My body!!  It's MELTING!!"

Thomas: "Mama, Ben not wissen a me!  I tell him "SIT DOWN" and he say "No!"  Dat not nice!"  (welcome to my world, buddy) :-)

Me:  "Look at those beautiful puffy clouds, Sammy!"
Sammy:  "Yeah, they're pretty.  Maybe God put them up for us to celebrate the sno-cone shack FINALLY being open!"

I just figured out how to get the pictures off my phone and on to the computer, so stay tuned for some recent pics too...

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