Two Month's Worth of Pictures

I know it's bad when my mom has completely abandoned even asking me when I might post more photos of her grandkids on the blog!  The problem?  I now have an iPhone.  It's become my primary camera, and the pictures just sit on there indefinitely.  BUT, I finally figured out that all I have to do is open my photo software when I hook my phone to my computer for updates and all the pictures are easily transferred, organized, and saved.  

So, without further ado (read: excuses), here's what our month looked like (in fairly low quality iPhone photo format):

We spent quite a few hours at the Discovery Center - Sammy loves this lesson in gears:

Clara programmed a robot to spell her name in abc blocks:

Ben goes straight to the build-your-own robot table:

Thomas follows big brother:

We spent plenty of time eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant with my sister and her family.  This little boy can put away the chips and beans like nobody's business!

Wow.  This photo is extraordinarily bad!  I drove up to Bozeman, Montana to be a part of this exciting R+F event.  This is Josh Cormany, who recently "retired" from his job because his wife was making so much $$ in this business!!  Inspiring!

The products in red are brand new (love them!):

My kids wrapped up AWANA with their end of year program.  Sammy wanted a picture of the three of us:

Thomas couldn't help but get in on the action!  This picture of him cracks me up - that little stinker has that joyful "I'm trouble" look on his face ALL the time :-)

Luke donned his old pizza place uniform and taught Sammy's preschool class how to make their own pizzas -- dough throwing included :-)

Remember Josh Cormany?  This is his wife, Nicole (and me).  Nicole and Josh came to Boise to do an event for us -- they're great!  I can't wait for the day when my paycheck allows Luke to do whatever his heart's desires.

Luke ran the Race to Robie Creek again this year (a killer 1/2 marathon).  My cousin came in from Seattle to run it with him - what a fun weekend!

It's finally nice enough to be spending some good quality time on the backyard swing with my sweet kiddos:

Sammy and Ben played soccer for the past 6 weeks.  Before it started, Sammy came up to me with this drawing and the explanation "this is my imaginary friend.  she's starting soccer soon, and she's pretty nervous."

Coloring Easter eggs:

Luke's mom came to live with us on Good Friday.  This photo was taken the day after that.  She lived with us for 3 weeks and 2 days before passing away. 

We tried to keep life as normal as possible for the kiddos while we had drama unfolding at home.  Ice cream at the mall with my little ones:

My folks came to town for a visit -- nothing like quality time with Yaya and Papa :-)  Sammy's playing a little hand game with Yaya here:

Papa and Thomas playing with colored marbles and practicing saying the names of the colors.  At one point, Papa said "What?!", and that word stuck with Thomas.  He says it JUST like my dad, and it cracks me up every time :-)

There was no reason for Sammy to worry - she was a rock star in soccer!

We had lots of fun with a new app on the iPhone :-)  Sammy:




Sammy and I went to a park on her last day of preschool, and she gathered up her own little pine cone collection (which is still in a bag and sitting on the floor of my car):

Clara and Sammy and I had fun creating our own little flowered hair clips:

There were many, MANY Friday nights of homemade pizza, beer and wine.  

We lost power for about 6 hours one evening -- it was sort of fun putting candles out for light....this is Luke reading by candlelight:


My R+F business is going strong-- in fact, it paid the mortgage while Luke stayed home from work to care for his mama for a month!  I'm so proud of my team -- they're doing such a great job of building their own teams.  One of my partners recently promoted to a Level 3 consultant (a BIG deal!), so I surprised her with this COACH purse....because you don't get to Level 3 unless you're COACHable :-)  I LOVE this business!

We had a little family move into the neighborhood --- mama bird built a nest in the wreath on our FRONT DOOR!  And now?  Babies!

And is OVER.  Daddy took the boys to do errands and treated to snow-cones....I did the same with the girls!  

Happy Summer everyone!

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