For those of you who missed photos of Thomas' birthday party, I finally have them up.  I back-dated the post to keep things in chronological order, so it's buried.  You can find the post HERE.

I'm headed to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning (actually, it will be so early, it won't be bright yet!).  Going to Wisconsin to be close to my Mom for her surgery and to help as much as she'll let me afterwards.  Please pray for her.

The house will be on the market by the time I get back (actually, it's going on the market THIS WEEKEND!) - I'm so excited!  My first order of business after returning home is to take some awesome "after" pictures to compare to the "before" pictures that are on the blog.  Wanna see the before shots?  Click HERE.

Okay...I'm off to heat up a can of Spaghettios for my little ones, then give them a nice warm bath.  I also need to sew the face on a jack-o-lantern costume (we're totally buying costumes next year) and pack.

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