I've Fallen for Fall

Fall is in full swing here in Boise - it's beautiful and wonderful and cozy....and was officially made complete with a trip to the local pumpkin patch with my two little ones this past week.  I wish it could be fall forever!

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I'm forcing myself to avoid the computer and housework like the plague (except maybe to finally post some of Thomas' birthday pictures or our pumpkin patch trip).  I'm going to make THIS for dinner, and THIS for an afternoon snack.  I'm also going to read my book and (maybe) take a long walk.  It's going to be a great day!

We visited my sister and her family a couple of weeks ago, and I disappeared with my camera for a while.  It always amazes me to see what's out there in the world when I just take the time to look.

The trees in the distance against the startling blue sky and framed nicely by the old fence ~

My favorite kind of self-portrait...no wrinkles to brush out!

A subtle reminder ~

 Just plain pretty ~

The sun peeking through the canopy of the trees ~

One of my favorite spots was hiding under the dense branches of the weeping willow as the gentle breeze made the whole world sway to and fro.  I giggled like a silly little girl when Luke came to find me, but kept walking past the tree since I was hidden so well. ~

I eventually let him find me ~

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