The pizza dough was rising.  The sauce was simmering, the veggies were being chopped.  The cornmeal coated the pizza peel, and the stone was heating in the oven.  The company was about 30 seconds from ringing the doorbell.  I was enjoying a nice glass of red while chatting with the pizza making expert that comes over to make us gourmet pizza every Friday night (my wonderful guy).  


I thought maybe the candle I had on top the stove had come to it's end, and threw a spark.  Only...I wasn't burning a candle.

The oven was D.E.A.D.

We stood and looked at the dead oven for a few minutes as if we could will it back to life.  No luck.

Thankfully, the hillbilly genes in our family rose up to assist by reminding us that we had an extra stove in the garage.  After a quick dead stove for live stove switcharoo, dinner was back on.

Pardon me - I have to go plant some flowers in the old tub that's in our front yard. (Just kidding...we had the stove in the garage for the house we're working on.)

Since the remodel house needs it's stove this week, we went shopping for a new setup last night.  Thanks to some very generous gifts recently, we were able to splurge a bit and get just what we wanted.  Isn't it pretty?!  TWO pizza ovens can be going at the same time!  Yahoo!

Speaking of fun new things, Clara decided that she wanted a spunky new haircut recently.  This is my sweet Clara Rose shortly after rolling out of bed, but you get the gist of her new 'do:

Of course, all craziness breaks loose when the kids see the camera.  The little ones love to pose, but Ben dove under the counter.


Hey Mom!  Look!  I'm a 4 armed jumping monster!

I'm loving the new ovens, but as far as the kids are concerned, we got a fantastic new box that just happened to come with a stove.

Here's to a day of happy and creative kids (and time for Mom to get on the computer!)...and probably to baking several dozen cookies in my new oven :-)

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