The Acts of Daiquiri

I've been slowly reading through my Bible during breakfast lately.  Right now, I'm reading Acts.  After yesterday's revelation about how I've been living, something struck me today.

The story told in Acts is really incredible - it's basically a play by play account of what happened after Jesus was resurrected. What hit me today was what the apostles' lives looked like.  It seems that every other paragraph begins with something like "The Holy Spirit said..." or "The Holy Spirit Let them to..." or "The Holy Spirit showed them..."

And what was their reaction?  They listened.  They went.  They saw.

That's what I want my life to look like!  

How does all of this relate to my writing yesterday?  When I have my head down, burdened by the load I'm trying to carry...I cannot see.

When I fail to put on that protective armor of Truth and let the voices of uncertainty and doubt and failure spin in my mind all day and night...I cannot hear.

When I'm working and striving to do my thing - to do all that I want to do and feel I should do or need to do...I can not be led in a way the Spirit might want me to go.

So here's to a day of freedom!  Freedom in Christ to find joy right where I am.  Freedom to live free from fear or doubt or guilt.  Freedom to ask with humble boldness, "Where do you want me to go today, Lord?  How do you want the "Acts of Daiquiri" to read?" and then


Hilary  – (8/12/2010 05:15:00 PM)  

That is just so true...
I think the hard part is really being able to listen to the spirit... and obey.
Good stuff. :)

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