You Can Take the Boy From the Nap

....But not the nap from the boy.  Or maybe it's the other way around?

We've been trying to avoid an afternoon nap for our little Tornado Thomas.  He loves his mid-day nap of about 3 hours, but when we let him sleep during the day, he's up until 10 PM torturing his older brother (and us) with running around the room, hitting Ben, and generally destroying their bedroom.

So we're in the difficult in-between phase right now.  He wants a nap.  He needs a nap.  But only because he's not sleeping enough at night yet.  We're slowing guiding him...pushing him...okay, FORCING him to sleep at night instead of during the day.

But every now and then, the boy just needs to sleep.  So he does.  Wherever he is, he just stops, drops, and sleeps.  He sleeps hard, so we have fun messing with him ;-)  I generally just kiss his sweet little face a lot, and enjoy breathing in his little boy smell while he's staying still for once.  And, of course, I take pictures:

(I love that foot!)

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