My little shadow and I spent hours upon hours sitting outside last week.  The sunshine washed over us, the breeze made the leaves sing to us, and the gold finches forgot we were there after a bit and entertained us with their fluttering and battling for bird seed.  The sun soaked into our skin and warmed our hair.

There are some days that I'm just willing to take my chances without sunscreen.

Proof that I was actually there?  I took a photo of myself too...see?  There I am reflected in my daughter's eye.  

Today is going to be a nice day.  Headed to go visit a cherished friend...a friend who is wise and joyful beyond belief.  I get to give her a precious gift, and I can't wait.

It's chilly, but sunny.

My big kids are off to school, and my little ones are screaming "Backpack!" at the Dora video I put on for them :-)  I think I even have time for a quick shower while Dora entertains them and prevents them from running out the front door or emptying the refrigerator while I'm in the other room.

My husband is doing what he loves - he's like a child for the joy in his eye and the spring in his step.

Can't ask for much more ♥

Craig and Bethany  – (5/24/2010 11:37:00 PM)  

Oh, what a LOVELY post. My whole day is fresh just reading it. Thanks for sharing. Oooh, and the photos TOO. :)

AND, I love, LOVE the new blog layout. Feels so open and relaxed and just nice. Really suits you.

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