Well, here we are at the end of another school year (impossible!), so it's time for the kids to show their stuff.  Grandma and Grandpa got the two older kids a couple of months of gymnastics for Christmas this year - what a hit!  When it came time to choose between signing up for basketball, softball, or soccer this spring they both chose...GYMNASTICS!  They live for their hour at the gym each week.  

The gym did a movie themed show a couple of weeks ago.  The boys did their routine to music from the "Transformers":

This picture just makes my heart go pitter patter!  Look at my big strong boy:

PS.  Hey lady in the green...who are you and why are you taking pictures of my son??

Clara's group did their number to "Princess and the Frog" (hence the green clothes):

Our girl is ALWAYS stuck in the back because she's taller than everyone else.  This time though, she got to be front and center.  So fun!  I was especially proud of her when she lost her little taped-on skirt half way through the routine.  She saw it fall, sort of paused for a second, then just shrugged and kept on dancin'.  That a girl!

A few days later, Ben's class did their presentation of "Snow White and the 170 Dwarfs".  Every second grade class dressed as dwarf (not quite 170 kids, but the exaggeration made a point).  My kids have kept me giggling the past few weeks because they keep talking about this program, and they struggle to pronounce the word "dwarf" - it always comes out like "dorks" instead.  Um...yeah.

Okay, I KNOW every parent thinks their kids are the best, but really.  Now look at this picture and tell me who the best looking kid is:

There's Ben hi-hoing his way to work like every little dork dwarf does:

And of course, there must be plenty of shovel hugging.

Okay, well, hi-ho-hi-ho, it's off to do the dishes and laundry I go.  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Becky Avella  – (5/26/2010 12:24:00 PM)  

The picture of Ben in the group cracked me up. No wonder my girls want to marry him when they grow up. I don't blame them. : )

Anonymous –   – (5/27/2010 02:25:00 PM)  

Maybe the lady in green is taking a picture of HER big, strong boy--the one coaching. He probably makes her heart go pitter pat, too. :)

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