Hittin' the Road

We're headed out of town tomorrow - on an 8 1/2 hour road trip.  WITH.  THE.  KIDS.

Trying not to panic here ;-)  It'll be fun.  I've already made a batch of chex mix, picked up some bottles of water and grapes, and of course...strawberry Twizzlers.  A road trip without Twizzlers is just no road trip at all.  The same goes for egg salad sandwiches packed in a little cooler, but Clara and I are the only ones in this family who even like egg salad, so I think we'll stick with the plan to stop for burgers at lunch time.

I feel like I lived half my childhood on the road - it seemed we were always driving the long drive to see the Grandparents.  Of course, there was plenty of bickering, plenty of "turn that down" and "don't kick my seat" and "pass the Twizzlers...what do you MEAN they're gone?!".  Mostly though, I just remember good times rolling around in the very back of the big blue station wagon listening to "Tiffany" or Debbie Gibson on my walkman.

Then there was that ONE trip where we drove the tiny little Datsun 210...and there was a lightening incident.  I'm not sure if our car got hit by it, or if it just struck deafeningly close to our car.  Scary.  And, since I was a naive kid, really really cool!

I had grand plans to blog my little brain to mush this week, but well, we've been getting ready for a trip.  Laundry had to prevail if we were to have anything to wear this weekend.  I did find time to finally process a photo shoot before we leave tomorrow though.  What else was I supposed to do while I procrastinated all day today and pretended that we're not actually leaving?

Luke emailed me today with a single word:  "Ready?"  I responded with an enthusiastic "READY!"

He came home to a messy house, laundry not put away, zero packing done, no idea what the kids are wearing for the big dinner tomorrow night, etc.  He looked at me and said "Ready?",with a confused look.

Well...I'm ready...mentally.

I sucked him into my procrastination loop too.  I'm blogging.  he's sitting in the front yard drinking a beer and watching the kids ride bikes.  I'm going to push publish now, and go join him.  What's a trip, if I'm not up until midnight pulling things together at the last minute? ;-)

PS.  Remember this lady?

Well, she looks awesome with straight hair too:

Click on over to my photo blog to see more if you'd like

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