Ben & Alanna are Engaged!

I met this sweet couple and their adorable pup at my favorite park. We hit it off right away - what a fun and sweet couple! And their baby, sweet Gabby, had a great time exploring the park and kicking up birds. Good girl!

There was no shortage of laughter with these two...I was hard pressed to sort through the shots to find some where I could see their faces - there were bunches of fun throw-your-head-back with a good belly laugh shots. It was fun to spend time with a couple who enjoyed each other's company so much :-)

When we'd had enough of the park, we headed down town for a little more of a funky look. Alanna emerged from their truck dressed to the 9's - surprised me with her gorgeous brown dress (I got the scoop on where she got it...headed there this weekend!).

What can I say, I have a thing for feet...

These two...they have a bright and joyful future ahead of them. And guess what? They surprised me my asking them to photograph their wedding! I almost cried, I was so touched! Now....just to work up the courage...

Thanks, Ben and Alanna. I had a great time doing your engagement photos!

Lisa  – (8/05/2009 07:35:00 AM)  

You did a FANTASTIC job!!! I love the feet — cute idea!

Anonymous –   – (8/05/2009 09:24:00 AM)  

You did an awesome job! Quite the talent you have.


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