This or the Lotto Please, Lord

My mom-in-law is good enough to come over once a week each Tuesday to watch the kids for me while I go do....stuff.  Sometimes I grocery shop all by my big girl self.  Sometimes I grab a book and head to the park.  Sometimes I work out.  Sometimes I get an ice cream cone, sit on a bench by the greenbelt and watch other people work out (unfortunately for my backside, I do this more often than working out).  

This past Tuesday?  I returned a pair of flip flops that blew out the second time they were worn...I exchanged them for a bag of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolates and a lotto ticket.  

I'm not a buy in bulk lotto player.  Heck, I'm not really even a regular player.  I just buy a ticket every now and then.  I figure if the Lord wants to bless me with winning the lotto, one ticket will do it.

So far He hasn't really felt like blessing me that way :)

Along those lines...I'm hoping to be blessed with one of THESE.  Oooo baby!  A Tamron 18-270 mm lens is being GIVEN AWAY right here.  Go check it out.  And sign up to win.  And win it.  And then give it to me.  Your favorite blogger and best friend in the whole wide world.  Thank you.

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