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We found the BEST swim school this summer.  It was 4 days a week for 2 weeks...and I simply can not believe all that they learned.

I'm one neurotic mommy when it comes to water.  My kids have NEVER been around water without a life jacket strapped to their little bodies.  So you can imagine my shock and delight to see this by the end of swimming lessons:

They were both able to jump in the deep end and swim to the other end of the pool!  Clara learned basic survival swimming, and Ben learned the breast stroke, the butterfly (!), and the freestyle.  He could also tread water for several minutes and float on his back indefinitely.

I've couldn't help but shoot some of the surroundings - such neat shapes, patterns and textures (I'm on a B&W kick lately).

They also both learned how to dive - I was so shocked!

We bystanders had fun too.  Sammy enjoyed playing with the giant stack of inner-tubes.  This was a daily thing...

I'm NOT a cat person (can't stand them, frankly - probably has something to do with not being able to breathe when they're too close - call my picky), but this kitty was pretty...

Uh oh - good thing Sammy was literally covered head to toe with air tubes!


And...only in chickens show up for swim lessons...

Lessons are over now, which is probably a good thing.  I would have liked for the kids to get a few more weeks of practice, but I was out of my little kids' good graces by the end.  

Can you believe that we're just down to a few more weeks before school starts?!?  

Missie  – (8/04/2009 02:35:00 PM)  

Man, can your kids get any cuter? I do not think so.

Would love the name of the swim school for Alison.

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