Spring Cleaning - Another eHow Article

I wrote another Spring Cleaning article!  This one is about spring cleaning bathrooms.  A necessary job...but one that makes me feel like I have to take a shower just thinking about it.  

I'm tempted to call my local veterinarian to find out where I can buy some of those rubber gloves that stretch all  the way to the shoulder ;-)

One of my favorite things about eHow is the ads that run with the articles.  I find that when I check out articles I'm interested in, I get all sorts of links to neat products and tips in the ads that run on those articles.  Cool deal!  Don't get me wrong...I also like them because that's how an eHow writer is compensated (by folks clicking on the ads on their articles).  

This isn't a plug to encourage you to click on ads for the sake of clicking (although I KNOW it sounds like it) - just drawing your attention to the fact that some of those ads are pretty useful.  I think my eHow "friends" must love me with all my ad clicking :-)

Anwyay - here's the article : How to Spring Clean Your Bathrooms

Hope you like it.  I'm going to continue with these Spring Cleaning articles - any requests for the next room I should focus on?  How about requests for any article at all?    

Lisa  – (4/26/2009 09:38:00 PM)  

Is your house spotless? 'Cause if it is I can't talk to you anymore.:-)

I am heading over to read your article now.

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