Soundtrack Of My Life

It was a couple of days ago that I picked up my little point and shoot to take a picture of Sammy being silly. When I went to take the picture, I found that the camera was on, and running in "video" mode! The picture isn't much to talk about, but you can *hear* a little slice of our lives around here...Thomas is needy and clingy these days (that kid really wants to walk, just hasn't figured it out yet)...Sammy is lots of fun...and the big kids were outside playing in the backyard. And big surprise, I was in the middle of making cookies :)

Here are the resulting shots of my little goof-ball. She is such a joy. Her latest development is my personal favorite of all time..."Mommy, I wub you", and "You my best Mama". Some days just make all the other days worth it, ya know?

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