I Think He Might Have To Take It...

I mentioned it already...God has been working on me. Oh, I'm always sort of relieved to realize that he's at work in my heart - I guess it feels good to know that this little life of mine is worth his time and effort. But it can be so painful and scary at the same time. I'm sure you know the feeling.

I'm reading a great book right now, Fit For The Master's Use by F.B. Meyer. I highly recommend it! It's one of those books that I have to read with a pen in hand, because I can't help but underline and circle and make notes all the way through. The following passage was one that made me just burst into tears! It touched me...convicted me...inspired me. I thought I'd share:

"I knelt in my room and gave Christ the ring of my will with the keys on it, but kept one little key back, the key of a closet in my heart, in one back story in my heart. He said to me:

"Are the all here?"

And I said: "All but one."

"What is that?" said He.

"It is the key of a little cupboard," said I, "in which I have got something which Thou needest not interfere with, but it is mine."

Then, as He put the keys back into my hand, and seemed to be gliding away to the door, He said:

"My child, if you cannot trust me with all, you do not trust Me at all."

I cried: "Stop," and He seemed to come back; and holding the little key in my hand, in thought I said:

"I cannot give it, but if Thou wilt take it, Thou shalt have it."

He took it, and within a month from that time, He had cleared out that little cupboard of things which had been there for months. I knew He would."

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The Lord is willing to work in the innermost recesses of our hearts if we will give Him the keys. Thank you for posting this!

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