Sick Baby, PO'd Birds

My little guy is sick today. He's been running at 103 degrees since yesterday afternoon. My day holds lots of baby snuggling, nose wiping, and hopefully...a shower for me. Hey, I can dream.

I'm have a bit of a paranoia problem today.

Clara and I harvested seeds from the giant sunflower she planted last spring. We salted them, roasted them, and then didn't eat them. They sat on my kitchen counter for weeks. Finally, we put them in the bird feeder. The birds do not approve. I'd say they think that the salted seeds are for the birds...but clearly, they are not...and that's the problem.

At first, I thought they'd eat them just fine. The birds flocked around the feeder pecking at the seeds and shuffling through the salted stuff to find the remains of the "good" seed still in there. And then, they sorta all looked at each other, and flew off.

The salted sunflower seeds sit in there to this day, uneaten. But as I was sitting at the table today watching a bird fly onto the feeder to investigate...was it my imagination?...I swear...that bird turned, looked at me, and if to say "What the....lady?!" He even ruffled his feathers a bit. I'm sure he was trying to flip me...HA!...the BIRD.

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Sorry to hear you have a sick one today. Hope you are feeling better though-other than lack of sleep and lack of a shower that is! The birds just dont understand do they?


Anonymous –   – (10/08/2008 07:18:00 PM)  

Hope Thomas feels better soon! Give him a hug from us.

:) Marisa

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