My Little Sick-O

This poor little guy has been running a high fever for a couple of days now. We've been spending lots of time snuggling, and walking, and trying to get him to eat or drink something. If he's still fighting this tomorrow, I'll bring him in to the doc.

My kids? They're fever kids. I remember Benjamin having a fever of 105 (!!) when he was about this age. I was sure he was going to just burst into flames at any moment! I brought him in to the doctor, and they checked him out from head to toe and found nothing wrong. The next day the fever was gone, and he had...a cold. Clara and Samantha both had episodes like that too at some point in their babyhood. It seems that until their little immune systems figure out how to respond properly to an invader, the first response is something like "FEVER, FEVER, LET'S BURN THIS BUG OUT OF HERE!!"

So I'll give him another day. You could pray for his speedy healing and my sanity if you get a moment :)

While I'm waiting for him to get back to his normal hyper, screeching, busy little boy self...I thought you might enjoy these pictures I took of him last week. Evidently, when you're about 2 feet tall and crawling on your hands and knees everywhere, you see the dirt on people's shoes. Thomas has taken it upon himself to wash it off for us.

But then again, sometimes he likes to just stick his head in the washer, and screech as loud as he can and enjoy the satisfying echo from the metal tub.

We're either going to have really clean shoes or a nearly deaf baby if this washer infatuation of his doesn't end soon!

What 'cha doing little man?

Here Ma, lemme show you...I take one of these,

Pull it out of there...

Drag it over here...

And shove it in this thing here...

Make sure it's all the way in there...

There you go! Aren't I cute? And smart? And strong?

Oh boy, are you ever! Mama loves you little one.

Summer  – (10/09/2008 07:44:00 PM)  

Being a fever kid can be a good thing- at least you know when they've got something! When Zach's mom took him in for a well check-up, they told her he had pneumonia! He had no symptoms that she could tell- never got fevers. Crazy!!

Hope your little mister feels better tomorrow. :( Sure looks like he's having fun with momma...

Unknown  – (10/09/2008 07:56:00 PM)  

These are the cutest little pics and he has the sweetest smile.

Anonymous –   – (10/09/2008 08:17:00 PM)  

I'm assuming that first picture wasn't taken today--he looks too happy to be sick. What a cutie.

Lisa  – (10/09/2008 09:16:00 PM)  

I hope your baby feels better so soon! My baby had a mystery fever and it ended up being hand, foot, and mouth disease! Didn't see that one coming. But she got over it and is a happy baby again. Hopefully your baby is dealing with something more simple. Less scary sounding. Not so close to sounding like an animal disease.

Hope YOU'RE doing well too.;-) You're little boy is adorable. I LOVE his dimples.

Marlayna  – (10/09/2008 11:45:00 PM)  

I hope that adorable little guy of yours feels better tomorrow. My kids don't get fevers, but I know some are just prone to it. Hang in there momma, he'll get to feeling better eventually.

Anonymous –   – (10/10/2008 10:04:00 AM)  

I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiloah Baker  – (10/10/2008 10:06:00 PM)  

Oh he is a cutie! I just love little helpers~! I hope he feels better soon!

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