Scopin' Out A Photo Shoot Location

In the next few weeks, I'll be taking some family portraits of some real-live families. They're gonna do their hair and put clean clothes on for me to take their picture. I'm a bit freaked out. In fact, I'm breaking into a sweat right now just thinking of it!

I dropped by my favorite local camera shop and talked to Nick...he's my buddy. He's a cussing, straight shooting, tell you the picture is crap kinda guy. I love him. Honesty rocks when you're genuinely trying to improve.

He had all kinds of hints and tips for me - he was a pro portrait photographer for 15 years back in the day. I left full of knowledge and insight...and more fear than when I went in. Who do I think I am?!? I can't do this!

I find that the best way to beat that put-me-down voice in my head is to simply grab my camera and take some pictures. Hubby and I loaded up the kids and went to a local park that is THE spot to take photos. I figured I'd scope it out and try to figure out some good spots to take the disasters, I mean photos, of my lovely friends and their families.

The kids were my models....very reluctant models. Isn't this a pretty spot?

Clara's thrilled, you can see it in her eyes.

This picture is a good one for me to play with...all those deep, rich colors in the background and then that stark white shirt. Personally, I think it looks nicer to have more muted colors in a natural setting like this. But people really seem to like the white shirt look in their pictures, so I'd better figure out how to deal with it.

Note to tree, bad time of day. That bright background is too distracting. My eye is always drawn to the sunlit patch of grass first, the person second. Not good.

Okay, release the captives! We had the kids each bring a bag with them to collect the goodies they, sticks, leaves, etc. They had such fun exploring!

We get great (although a little to0 staged and posed for my taste) shots of the two big kids each year with their school pictures. Sammy's another story. I like to update her photo on the wall each year too. I was determined to get a good one of her this trip. She was being quite the little punk though! For the longest time, she just would NOT look at me...

And then she took to making silly faces...

And then finally...I gotcha, you little turkey!

I've been having a tough time getting a decent picture of my Ben for the longest time. He does this cheesy fake smile, that makes his eyes look a little dead. But get the kid outside? With a great stick? And mention shooting a bow and arrow in Scouts? And this is what happens....

This park is absolutely gorgeous. I hope we don't lose too much of the fall color before our shoots!

We had to cut our trip short because a storm was rolling in. Thomas was ready for a nap, so I didn't mind so much. However, I felt so bad for the wedding that was in progress at the park! By the time we got home...torrential downpour! Isn't the sky neat?

Hilty Sprouts  – (10/06/2008 03:10:00 PM)  

Funny you should mention family photo shoots... got room for any more? Joel and I were just saying this weekend that we wanted to call you to set something up. Email me!

Anonymous –   – (10/06/2008 07:53:00 PM)  

Oh Girl! Just looking at these photos has got me aaaaaaall excited for our upcoming family photo shoot! We are such an outdoor kinda family that the spot you have picked is sooooooo us! Love the trees and the big log and the grass and water and so on and so on!!!! And I love natural photos of people and not all "staged" if that makes any sense!

You just take a BIG deep breath because YOU rock girl as a photographer!

Waiting anxiously!!

Summer  – (10/07/2008 02:46:00 PM)  

Oh- that one of the turkey was so pretty. ;)

Is this your first family shoot? Ooh- I remember shooting my first family. And trying to put on my best "I know what I'm doing" face. It's so freaky starting out!!!

You've got the skills backing you up, though- I bet you're going to do so great.

Oh, and it rained on my wedding day. But we got some awesome umbrella pictures. Even got some brides who wanted umbrellas after they saw my pics, even though there was no rain... haha.

Anyway- don't feel too bad for 'em- who knows!

Anonymous –   – (10/07/2008 09:04:00 PM)  

You GO girl!!! I am so proud of you! And let me tell you, that park isn't nearly as stunning as those children of yours! They have some good genes I guess.

And thank you for your prayers. They are so needed right now. Tomorrow will be a really hard day, which could change our lives forever. I'm scared, but not defeated. I know God's hand is on this situation, but my natural eyes want to focus on the waves. Praying for low tide and still water.

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