Daiquiri's Economic Plan

Isn't that funny? You know, I like my name, I really do. But I think it probably limits me a bit. Really, can you imagine voting for something called "Daiquiri's Economic Plan"?!

There are other reasons you wouldn't vote for it. The facts that I'm not an economist...and that I've never even taken an economy class...are probably two good reasons. But I can do simple math, so here's my "Daiquiri's Simple Math Economic Plan".

The basic facts as my little brain understands them:
1. This nation is deeply in debt.
2. There are businesses that are deeply in debt.
3. Our government is working on a "bailout" or "rescue" or "save them from their own bad decisions" plan as we speak (for said businesses).
4. Who will pay for the plan? We will...the taxpayers.

Here's what I propose:
1. Nip this "bailout" plan thing in the bud. If a business is going under, let it go under.
2. Put those negotiating brains to work on balancing the budget. Get that bottom line to be in the black. Stop the bleeding.
3. Tally up the debt.
4. Divide said debt by the number of people in this nation who are paying taxes.
5. Figure out a reasonable time frame for getting out of debt...a year, five, fifteen, fifty?
6. Increase taxes accordingly to pay down the debt.
7. If the experts agree (and they don't) that we *MUST* rescue these companies, then I guess we'd just better add that number to our debt total.

How can we bail anyone out when we are already broke? We'd essentially be using one credit card to pay on another! Like I said, I'm no economist. And personally? Hubby and I have made our share of really lousy financial decisions. But I KNOW (maybe from painful experience (ahem)?) that using one source of debt to pay for another is B. A. D. Bad.

And one other thing...I keep hearing about all the economic hardship we'd see if we don't do this bailout plan...all the jobs we'd lose. I gotta say, I think I know where we might find some of those jobs. How about overseas...you know, where so many jobs have been heading for the past 20 years because of our stupid tax laws?! If our government is so concerned about jobs, how about they start there? How about they figure out how to motivate companies to keep Americans working? China's a lousy place to build toys anyway. They might be cheap, but they'll be covered in lead.

I'm just sayin'...

Kate  – (10/06/2008 12:49:00 PM)  

But see...that's not an "economic plan", that's reality. And folks in Washington don't deal in reality. They package pipe dreams and big promises they know they can't afford or keep and label it "economic plan". If they let regular folks run the country, instead of a bunch of politicians, we'd be voting on Daquiri's Economic Plan right now. Of course, if regular people ran the country, we might not be facing this kind of fiasco at all.

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