I'm Up To My Old Tricks Again

I'm such a terrible procrastinator. Thomas and I are getting on an airplane in the wee hours of the morning, this coming Friday...that's roughly 26 hours from now. My house is a wreck. The laundry is backed up. I haven't even started packing. I haven't even really thought about what I need to bring. Have I done this before???

We're headed to Wisconsin for my grandma's 90th birthday bash. Ninety years old! Wow. I wonder if I'll see 90? Let's see, when I'm 90...Benjamin will be 62 years old?! Did I do that math right?? I'm 34 right now, and he's 6. Yes, I think that's right. Hot dog! I might get to see some great-grand kids too!

But I digress...I tend to do quite a bit of digressing when I have a deadline to meet and lots to do.

And hey...at least Thomas will have a nice new blankey to snuggle with on the trip. I'm waiting for my iron to heat right now so that I can press the fabric I bought today. He's a big blankey kid. In fact, he pulls his blankey up to his face and just covers himself up with it. The problem is...it freaks his mommy out. She's neurotic, you know. I'm just so afraid that he's going to suffocate or something (if my sister Tiffany read this, she'd totally roll her eyes). It's at least far too hot under the heavy blankey he uses now. When I dig him out after a nap, he's just sweating. He also has terrible eczema, so that kind of body heat doesn't do his poor skin any favors.

So I'm making him a new blankey! I bought two complimenting flannels and some silky (sateen, I think it's called?) binding. He seems to love that binding on his current baby-suffocating blanket. It should be simple enough to make, and I plan to finish it tonight.

I have, oh, a good 12 hours tomorrow to get ready for my trip.

Oh, good Lord...will you please save me from myself and my procrastinating ways?!

UPDATE: At Least All The Important Stuff Is Done

Unknown  – (5/30/2008 12:11:00 AM)  

Found you through BlogHer.

Have a great trip. I too am a terrible procratsinator.

New blanket sounds great. Will you be posting a picture?

Off to check out your Etsy shop.

Shelle-BlokThoughts  – (5/30/2008 12:16:00 AM)  

I am SO exactly like that...EXACTLY!

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