At Least All The Important Stuff Is Done

If you know me at all, you could look at my life right now and know that I must have a trip in the near future. Especially if you observed my behavior last night.

I'm not packed. In fact, the laundry isn't even done so I CAN pack. The house is a mess. And to top it off, the season finale of LOST is on tonight...2 hours worth! So I absolutely, positively must be done and ready to go before 8 PM tonight...or risk not being ready and/or exhausted because I had to stay up all night to pack.

But hey...I did get some stuff done. Like a new blanket for Thomas (started and finished that project just yesterday!), a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies (we all know I can't deal with stress without chocolate), and I got my hair cut. I was going to go super short, but chickened out at the last minute and just had her take a couple of inches off. Now it's a very boring medium length.

Oh, and I also made sure all my photos and videos were uploaded to my computer and formatted my memory cards so I have lots of room for all the good stuff I'll shoot at my grandma's birthday party. And of course, I took the time to backup my computer yesterday.

And I went out to buy a lottery ticket, because I'm quite sure that God wants me to become a millionaire this week. I even paid an extra buck for the "power play".






Thomas is screeching at me. Thomas screeches at everything lately. If he's happy? Screech. If he's hungry? Screech. If he's bored? Screech.

It's cute at first, but then your ear drums start to bleed and it's not so fun anymore. That kid has some lungs! So I'm off to change a diaper/feed/entertain a screeching baby. Wish me luck to get
ready for my trip on time!

P.S. Sammy just came up and said, "Mama, I ont you off a 'pooter and git me my milk" She's so sweet! (In a bossy kinda way)

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