Nothing Charming, Witty, Funny, or Wise

Do you ever have days where you feel like you just don't have anything of value to offer? That's kind of how I feel today when it comes to this blog. I enjoyed doing the post about my sister, Megan...but then my ideas just dried right up!

I think the most valued time I spent today was reading books to Samantha and watching Ben's t-ball game. Maybe God is trying to tell me something...

This might be a good time to point you in the direction of some women who actually ARE charming, witty, funny, or wise. I was so excited to see that Lysa TerKeurst is doing her own series of blog posts about what's going on in Oprah's New Earth. Only Lysa is far more articulate and less prone to rant and rave than I am...go check it out. My friend, Becky, is also talking about this issue...and she included some interesting video clips that highlight some of what Oprah's been saying. Again...far more articulate conversation and wisdom than you'll find here.

So what to do when I don't have anything good for you? I throw out some pictures of my kids or pretty flowers for you. So here it is...the "Daiquiri doesn't have cute way to finish this post, so here are some pretty flowers" flowers...aren't they beautiful? I think so :)

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