A Couple Of Updates

Well everyone, the note cards I made for the recent Bloggy Giveaway have been officially claimed! A very nice woman named Liz from Massachusetts got back to me with her mailing address. It's so neat for me to think of my little cards making their way all the way across the country to MA! I'm working on some cards to put up on Etsy at the price point you all recommended...I'll let you know when they're available.

The Bloggy Giveaway was such a neat experience for me. I got so many kind comments, and had a lot of fun cruising other people's goodies too. It was good for my friend Becky too. After showcasing her really cool nursing covers, she already has orders on the books for more! Go Beck! Are you or someone you know planning on nursing a baby in the near future? If so, I encourage you to go see her covers. I've seen them first hand, I can testify to their cuteness and quality :)

And NOW...the BEST and most miraculous update of all....

Remember my sister in law, Becky?

She's had a rough go of it lately. She's still on a respirator to do her breathing for her since many of her ribs, her collar bone, and her sternum are all broken. They're weaning her off of it bit by bit, but it's exhausting and painful work for her.

BUT...yesterday her mom called me to tell me that she's moving one of her legs and has some feeling in the other. Praise God! This, after the neurosurgeons said that it was "overly optimistic" to expect this kind of recovery....never mind this kind of recovery so soon.

But please, this does not mean that it's time to stop praying! She still has lots of painful healing and recovery to go through. And of course, we could all use prayers to be drawn closer to the Lord. Becky is no different. Please keep praying for her.

Well, those are my updates. Stay tuned for some fun kiddo pictures...

Amy  – (4/30/2008 09:56:00 PM)  

I wish I had seen something like that when I was nursing babies.

Thanks for the update on Becky. Continued prayers for her.

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