Quick Tip: Keeping Kids Safe With Medicine

With the nasty cold that we've been fighting around here, I was reminded of a simple tip I thought might be helpful to you.

With two adults giving cold medicines, prescriptions, and pain relievers to 4 different children, it can get complicated! There are different medicines, different dosing, different times they're supposed to take them...sometimes in the dead of night. It's easy to forget if you've given the medicine (especially with both mom and dad doing it). That's downright unsafe for the kids!

So every time we start with an illness (even if it's only one child), I grab a piece of paper out of the recycling bin and write the child's/children's name at the top. I then write what meds they're taking, at what time intervals, and at what dosage. Then, every time I give them their medicine, I write down what time I gave it to them and which medicine it was.

It's also really helpful if we need to take the kiddo to the doctor. I grab the paper on the way out the door because I know they'll want to know what sorts of medicines we've been giving them and when they had their last dose.

This method has been a life-saver for our sanity. Give it a try, maybe it will help you too!

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