Quick Tip: "Green" & Frugal Cleaning

This is my bathroom. Don't be jealous...it's rarely this clean, just ask my husband! After I unearthed the counter top this afternoon, I realized that I needed to clean the counters, mirror, and sink. I had Sammy "helping" and Thomas chattering to me in his "I'm getting bored and irritated" voice. I was trying to be quick.

I went to the cabinet under the sink where I keep my cleaning supplies for that bathroom. I found paper towel and sink cleaner...but no glass cleaner (Windex, Glass Plus, Perfect Glass, whatever). I didn't feel like I had time to go out to where I store stuff in the garage to find some. So I just wet the paper towel with water and got to work.

It was then that I realized just how brainwashed I'd become! I usually douse the counter, sinks, and mirror with the blue stuff and then scrub 'till it sparkles. I thought I needed it to really get things clean. But as I cleaned today, I realized that the reason that the blue stuff works is just that it's...wet! Well guess what else is really wet? WATER!

I'd been spending money that I didn't need to spend. I had been spraying chemicals in my house that were unnecessary. You can't get much more "green" than good ol' water!

Now, I should be honest. When I had time later in the day I did use a tiny sprits of the blue stuff on the mirror and chrome. And I did sprinkle some sink cleaner in to really get the gunk out. But I used far less of the chemicals than I normally do. And I have a new mind set now: wipe things down with a damp towel FIRST, and then use the chemicals only if necessary. I'll save money and it will be healthier for my family. Give it a try!

Lisa –   – (12/07/2009 10:01:00 AM)  

Vinegar with water (1/2 of each) in a spray bottle works great on soap scum, streak free mirrors & windows, and makes the chrome shiny. Another chemical free way of cleanning your home. It's become my all purpose cleaner.

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