Picking Up My Cross...

This Christianity thing can be tough sometimes. I tossed and turned all night last night. All I saw when I closed my eyes was an angry man with rotten teeth cussing at me. As I was driving Clara to school this morning, that little voice spoke up and reminded me of something...I'm supposed to pray for that scary man who was so awful to me!

It's so nice and comforting to be a Christian...until the rubber hits the road and I am asked to pick up my cross and follow Him. It's just easier and more natural for me to stew in how nasty he was and how I want him to get into trouble for treating me that way!

So that's what my focus will be today. As I'm straightening the house, doing laundry, and caring for my little ones...I'll pray for that man.

I'll pray for his peace.

I'll pray for him to know the Lord.

I'll pray that something about his interaction with me yesterday would somehow lead him in the right direction in life.

I'll pray for his dental health (his teeth really were awful!).

I'll pray for his supervisors to be understanding and forgiving, and for him to not lose his job.

I'll pray that he has good friends and someone in his life to love.

I'll pray for his driving and parking abilities.

I'll pray that he is blessed, blessed, blessed.

And I'll pray that he'll stay far away from me and my family...

Maybe you could pray for me?

Misty  – (1/28/2008 02:11:00 PM)  

I've stood in a similar place to where you stand... and let me just say you are a much quicker learner than I. My pride gets in the way!

Of course i will pray for you. Thank you for keeping your blog! Truly, it blesses my days!

Anonymous –   – (1/28/2008 02:44:00 PM)  

Maybe you should pray that he read #58 of 100!...just an observation.

your always helpful dad.

Hilty Sprouts  – (1/28/2008 02:54:00 PM)  

Wow, that is a tough one! I am standing with you in prayer for that man and for you too!


Anonymous –   – (1/31/2008 08:49:00 PM)  

I enjoy reading your blog and have sent it to many others to enjoy.

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