Waking My Sweet Thomas

I don't get many pictures of Thomas while he sleeps because it seems that the click of my camera always wakes him up. And I'll tell ya what...if the baby's sleeping, you do NOT wake him up! It's precious mommy time when he's in dream land. There's hell to pay if you wake up the baby!

But every now and then it's unavoidable. Like when he's sleeping and we MUST be somewhere soon. I just have no choice but to wake him. On those occasions, my favorite way to wake him up is not by whispering sweet sounds of love in his ear. It's not to gently rub his head or back until he stirs.

What do I do? I take his picture. Yes, my poor baby wakes the the cold hard black lens of my camera in his face, clicking away. It's mean. It's cold. It's selfish. But how else can I get such sweet pictures?! Hey, everyone has to do their part, Thomas. Everyone has to make sacrifices.

Here's a series from his last unwilling "photo shoot":
Happily dreaming away. He is so sweet.

Look at that precious hand. So soft and sweet and innocent. I wonder what those hands of my little boy will do someday?

Uh Oh. He hears my camera. C'mon buddy, just a few more shots?

Tell it to the hand lady. Tell it to the hand.

Get that thing out of my face!

I can't believe you treat me this way! I'm telling my therapist!!

Anonymous –   – (1/29/2008 10:23:00 AM)  

Those pictures are so cute! Can hardly wait to see, hold and cuddle that adorable little boy.


Angie  – (1/29/2008 10:48:00 AM)  

What a sweet baby!! I can't believe how much he's changed just since I've been looking at your blog. He's one cute baby! I can't wait to meet him some day, and introduce him to my sweet Sarah!! :)

Misty  – (1/29/2008 11:16:00 AM)  

LOL! I would do the same thing...
though maybe not all of the time. :)

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