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As many of you saw, my little poll came to an end. It seemed that people's favorite name is "D Rose Photography". I still haven't completely gotten used to the name...might modify it to "D Rose Photos" (thanks Matt!)...might even change it completely. I reserve the right to be completely, utterly, and irritatingly undecided. I'll let you know when I've made a final decision.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted. I really do appreciate it. to put together a poll to see what people think I should do with my hair! color I should paint my living room! Decisions, decisions...I'm just no good at it.

What a day!

It was a nice morning. My ever-so-sweet hubby let me sleep in for a couple of hours while he wrangled the kiddos. I love that man of mine! (I choose to believe that he lets me sleep in because he's madly in love with me and wants to spoil me...not because he can't stand to live with me when I'm tired!)

While Hubby worked in the shop...he's building some built in cabinets and shelves in our living room...the kiddos and I made some of our favorite muffins. Yum!

Then I actually left the house! (That reminds me...going to church last night was the first time I'd left the house in 3...yes THREE days! What a gross feeling.) I went to lunch with 4 of my dearest friends - just us grown ups. It was glorious.

Came home, played a quick game of Hi-Ho Cherry-o (came in 2nd place...dear Hubby was the big loser) and headed back out with my two oldest. We went to Walmart to do some shopping. They sure are a joy to be with these days. Man, there's nothing quite like having a two year old to help me put "good behavior" in perspective!

All was well...until we went to leave. Kids were buckled in, groceries loaded in the truck...and then I noticed that the guy pulling into the spot in front of mine was coming in awful fast and close. Just as I peeked around at the front of my truck...he hit it. Well, I won't give you all of the horrid details about our "conversation". Let's just say that I had NO IDEA that the F-word could be used so many times in a single sentence. That guy was flat out scary. I left just shakin' in my boots, with a knot in my gut, and near tears. I did manage to get his insurance info from him, but oh, the stress of trying to write all that stuff down while Mr. Chivalry hollered profanity at me every two seconds! I'm pretty sure it took at least 2 and a half months off my life!

It's just a tiny scratch about the size of a quarter on the front bumper. If we owned the truck, I would have said no big deal. But since the lease comes up this year and I know they'll go over that thing with a fine-toothed comb...well, it might just need to be repaired. Yet another reason to never lease another vehicle.

It sure felt good to get home. It was also a treat to go to dinner at our dear friends' house tonight. Ahhh, they know how to spoil us (blackberry cobbler, mmmm!)

Well, I'm off to veg out in front of the TV for a while. The clutter can wait for tomorrow. That's what Mondays are for...

Anonymous –   – (1/28/2008 09:27:00 AM)  

Sounds like a really intersting weekend. Some fun times-church with the girls and making muffins. Sorry another weirdo ran into your vehicle. Quess it makes you appreciate your man at home all the more.

Love You- Mom

Anonymous –   – (1/28/2008 10:52:00 AM)  

Sounds like you were unnecessarily hit twice. The F-bombs were highly inappropriate!! Sorry you had to endure all that.
I am painting my bathroom and a great site I use is
All the manufacturers and their color collections on one site.
As for hair...I let myself think about it for 10 minutes at the salon and decided to chop it ALL off and I love it. All I told Robbie was, "I am doing something different this time, bye".
Erin S.

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