Sickeningly Sweet

This blog is irritating me today. It's too...yellow...too flowery...too sweet and nice. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in. I don't feel like buttery yellow with flowers and nice! So I'm rebelling and am NOT putting up another picture of a dumb flower!

Maybe I should switch to a stark white background. It might seem a little more real. Every time I look at my own blog, I think "Oh, what a nice cozy and warm home with a sweet mommy and beautiful children. I want to live there!" Wait...I DO live here. Like I said, maybe I should switch to a white background and start posting pictures of my kids with their bed heads in the morning and their fingers up their noses. Or maybe I should photograph my dirty kitchen floor or the dog hair that seems to be in every nook of this place. Or the wall that used to have a deep red wallpaper on it, until my then 1 1/2 year old decided to rip it off in big swoooping chunks (with a giggle of course). Or the lovely yard covered in dog poop. Or the boogers. Or the dirty diapers. Or the piles of toys and crafts and "art" that just seems to multiply and then attach itself to my counter tops. Or the chipped kitchen sink. Or the not so sweet mommy who still hasn't even had a fact, she's running around the house in a droopy ponytail, an old t-shirt and a pair of baggy blue velour pants she's had FOREVER and is in love with!

Get my drift?

On and up note...I'm excited today. My folks are in town, and my Dad and I are going to go camera shopping. I've been saving up my $$ for a digital SLR. Dad is in the market for one we're going shopping together. Maybe getting an expensive new camera will turn me into a bona fide photography genius! I can hope...

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Ahhh, life! Ain't it sweet? Thanks for keepin' it real! Now I don't feel so jealous! ;)


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