New Blog Title???

I'm feeling compelled to clarify my header a bit. I hope it's obvious, but the description of the woman in my header is who I aspire to be...NOT who I am today! fact, lately I've been thinking that this blog should be titled "Call Her B?&#*y" instead!

I think the holidays have taken it out of me. Or I should say, I've let it take it out of me. I'm short with my kids, irritable toward my husband, resentful of no "me time", and just plain TIRED.

It's times like this that I realize just how small and weak I am. I'm sure thankful that I can rely on His strength and grace. I could never be good enough just by trying! He is so good to love me anyway...I hope the rest of my family does too!

Anonymous –   – (12/30/2007 03:57:00 PM)  

I hear you girl! I have struggled with the same things this week and I'm surprised my family still puts up with me! I am also so incredibly grateful for God's forgiveness and grace!


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