Trust, Surrender, Loony!

I was at the lake a couple weeks ago, and there was a single loon lazily floating across the surface of the water (not in this pic - he was too far out to get a good shot).

I was struck by his radiant peace. He simply glided across the water, sometimes lifting his face to the sunshine. It seemed that he didn't have a care in the world.

He lived that carefree gliding life for hours, and then his countenance changed a bit. I could tell he was beginning to look for something - he was hungry. Sure enough, he started to dive. I was SHOCKED by how long he could stay under and how far he travelled under the water.

And then, he must have found what he was looking for, because he resumed his lazy float.

"This is trust and surrender" whispered through my spirit.

Trust and surrender is what I'm being called to right now, and boy, oh boy, it's a challenge for me!

Make it happen
Give it all you've got

STRIVING is how I've lived my life. The grades, the resume, the title, the promotions, the great business idea, the's what's driven me to create and do my very best.

Business and making money while providing value is something I'm good at. It's something God has gifted me with, and I really enjoy it. But somewhere along the way, I allowed the motives of my heart to get twisted.

Instead of working from a place of joy and creating with God (SO FUN!), it became "I must provide for my family"...I began to operate from a place of fear instead of trust...from lack instead of abundance.

Enter stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, tears, and about 50 too many pounds on my poor stressed out body.

It took me a while to realize I can't...I never COULD...."make it happen" on my own. It's always been the Lord blessing and providing for us, whether I gave Him proper credit or not.

That loon taught me something - I need to "be more loony" 😉

Enjoy the sun on my face
Feel the cool water against my skin
Trust that when my belly begins to rumble, the meal will be there
Surrender to the One who put me here and now for a reason
Create and serve for the JOY and out of love
Tune in to His presence and voice

Live right here right now, without fretting about how everything will work out tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord. Your promises are always yes and amen. You are True and Faithful and Loving. You give me all I need - You're a good Father who loves well. Thank you for so gently teaching me to trust and surrender 💕

"They all wait for You to give them their food in due season. You give to them, they gather it up; You open Your hand, they are satisfied with good." Ps 104: 27

Be loony today, friends 😘

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