There's nothing like a week spent contemplating and preparing for my own mortality to help priorities come sharply into focus.  To be perfectly honest, when I first heard the news, I didn't know how this would shake out....would the things I've been focused on still be important to me?

Sometimes, husband, my kids, my parents, my sisters and their families, my friends.

Sometimes, house, wondering what people think of me, losing weight.

Sometimes, surprises....I've spend the last week being intensely aware of how physically far away I am from my folks....I HATE that.

Sometimes, more, I thought it might be one of the things that I would no longer care so much about.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.

I even had a friend ask me (after I shared my news with her), "do you still feel compelled to work your business, or have your priorities changed now?" Without pause, I answered "More compelled than ever!"

As I think about why this is, I realize the reason is my mission.  If I were only seeing to make money for money's sake, I'm sure this wouldn't be a priority for me.  If I were only seeing status or recognition or fame, this wouldn't be a priority for me.

But I'm seeking freedom.
I'm seeking abundant life.
I'm seeking to help other men and women build something that will bless their families for generations.
I'm seeking freedom and abundant life for every person who partners with me.
I'm seeking to be used by God to change people's lives.

Until now, I believed all of this was possible.  I was seeing things changing in my own life, and I know I can help others too.  But now?  The rubber is hittin' the road in my life, friends. And all my big talk in the past 3 years about time and financial freedom? I'm here to say with 100% certainty....IT IS POSSIBLE....and it's been so precious to me during this tough time.

I mean, LOOK AT MY LIFE! This business...
...Provides for my family of six. And it will continue to provide for them if something happens to me.
...Allows me the financial freedom to go to a specialist wherever he/she may be.

...Allows me to be with my family and do what is most important to me. 
...Makes it possible for me to go to the doc at any time, without asking for medical leave or taking a cut in pay. 
...Is the reason for my life being filled with supportive and encouraging and praying friends.

I can't imagine NOT having this freedom, meaning, and joy-- life is too dang short!

Bottom line:  THIS IS LESS ABOUT BUSINESS, AND ALL ABOUT MAKING THE MOST OF LIFE. And right now, while I'm acutely aware of how precious and short life is....making the most of it is my top priority.

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