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I've been absolutely consumed by Luke 24:36-39 lately.  It describes the scene as Jesus appeared to his friends after his crucifixion, burial, and resurrection:

"While they were still talking bout this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, "Peace be with you."  They were startled and frightened, thinking they saw a ghost.  He said to them, "Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds?  Look at my hands and my feet.  It is I myself!  Tough me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have."

Of course, it's important to look at Scripture in context.  The people in that room were rightfully startled and afraid....they had seen Jesus die with their own eyes, and now he stood among them?  How could this be?

But for me, there's a broader reach to "You were dead, how can you be here?!"

Look at the words.  Jesus stands there and says, "Peace".

The reaction is quite the opposite....instead of peace, they are afraid.

Jesus then says, "Why are you troubled?....Look at me."

Oh boy.  This just grabs my heart and draws me in.

How many times have I had this very conversation with the Lord?  He lovingly embraces me....whispers love and peace and a bright future into my heart....and instead of yielding and being still in his presence, I resist.

I tremble.
  I fear.
    I doubt.
      I worry.
        I fret for my future.
          I wish things were different.
            I don't understand.
               I worry some more.

And what is His reaction?  Is it rebuke?  Is it frustration?  Is it anger?  After all He's shown me, spoken to me, and blessed me with....a harsh reaction would certainly be fair.  But that's not His nature.  He is eternally gentle with me.  "Your gentleness made me great." Psalm 18:35

No.  Wonder upon wonders....He is still gentle with me even though I fight him in so many ways.  I fight him as if I know better.  As if I need to understand.  As if I'm entitled to understand.  He sees this heart of mine....this heart that still has so much work to be done in it....and is still patient and loving.  Incredible.

Instead, He simply says,

"Look at me."

Oh Lord, help me put this in action in my life!  Instead of focusing on what's in front of me - the obstacles, the struggles, the fears....help me do the most basic of things....lift my eyes to simply look at You!

It reminds me of the simple task of walking down the sidewalk.  There are cracks in the sidewalk, and sometimes even buckles and bumps in the concrete.  Bugs.  There are probably even bugs skittering along.  An occasional gob of sticky gum.  A dog barks from the window.  A car drives by.

It's my job to walk one block.  Seems simple enough - and it is, if I keep my head up and just WALK.

Or, an alternative way to walk the block, is to look down and worry about every single step.  Will I step in gum?  Will I trip?  Will the dog get out and chase me?  What are those people doing in the car?  Silly  fretting about every single little thing that doesn't affect my ability to walk to the corner in any way.

Getting from here to there.
Through this day.
This week.
This life.
It can be torture....if my eyes are down fretting about every little thing.

Or, it can be joy.....amazement....PEACE.

But only if I'm looking in the right direction.

So friends, let's do this!  Let's have the courage to look up from our stumbling feet and every little distraction that could trip us up.  Let's look at Him....let Him guide our steps and clear the path for us.  Let's open the door to Peace.  

Let's just.....Look!


Jayne Z –   – (8/10/2013 08:58:00 PM)  

Thank you! Beautifully expressed...really touched my heart..

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