Meet Buster

Well, the little bird finally came down from the attic.  And it turns out, she is a indicated by the blue crest above his beak.

He didn't come down because he wanted to, that's for sure.  He was perched on a rafter in the attic, where Luke captured him gently in a pillowcase.

The girls and I ran to the pet store for the basic supplies.  Thankfully, we found a $30 cage on sale for $5.  

We'll hold on to him and take good care of him until an owner surfaces.  I have to believe this little guy is missed!  But....I have a little secret....the rain ruined our "found parakeet" signs yesterday....and I'm sorta glad.  I'm hoping little Buster is here to stay.  My kids agree.  My husband?  Not so sure :-)

Our only hesitation about keeping him?  All the reviews I've read about birds say they can be "noisy and messy".  Luke and I laughed out loud about that....He should fit right in!

**UPDATE**  Buster was a sweet and peaceful bird....for a couple of weeks.  Then, tragically, he decided to screech at us.  All day.  Every day.  He literally made Thomas cry with frustration.  I was hoping it was just a phase, but his tenacity won out.  He wouldn't stop, and I didn't want the poor guy to live the rest of his days with a dark towel over the cage (the only thing that would calm him).  So...we found him a very nice home.  Turns out, when you post "free parakeet" on craig's list, you can get rid of a bird pretty darn quickly.  I hope his new owner is enjoying him! **

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