And ALSO...

As I drive my kids to school in the morning, we're typically pretty quiet (they take after their Mama, and are not morning people)....but I like to quietly sing a few verses of "Jesus Loves Me" as we make our way down the road.  I like the idea of that tune...those WORDS...ringing in their head all day long.

Thomas cracked me up this morning.  I was singing my typical little soft song, not even sure that he could hear me, when suddenly he said, "And ALSO, Jesus is God, Mama"

I could just hear is brain working...."Jesus loves me"....."Jesus is strong"...."and ALSO....."

Made my day!

Such a gift, these children. I learn more about God and how to go to Him as His child than from anywhere else.  Today I learned to think "and also...."

He loves me
He is strong
He is God
He is good
He is sovereign
He is abundant
He is gracious
He is Savior
He knows me
He has plans for me
He shelters me
He is great
He is King
And also....
     And also....
          And also....

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