I was helping Ben with his homework and asked him to hold my coffee for a second so I could teach a quick lesson in fractions (which I needed my hands for). He held the warm cup and gave it a little sniff..."hmmm, smells pretty good!"

I was having a sweet cup with lots of cream, so I told him he could try a sip if he wanted. He tried a little taste, crunched up his nose, and went straight to the kitchen for some water...all without a word.

After we'd figured out the fractions, he handed the cup back to me, ever so gently with a matte-of-fact

"thanks for helping me, mom. Here's your disgusting coffee back, which I will never learn to love."


And Sammy cracked me up today too. She's been enjoying the Bible based cartoons Veggie Tales lately, but I'm wondering how healthy it is...

"Mom, why was Goliath such a big deal anyway? They shoulda just taken a big bite out of him....he was just s giant cucumber!"

Love these kids!

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