But You Can Call Me "Slacker"

As much as I'd like to be the blogger I once was, I'm just not.  I can't say that I'm all that sorry either.  Blogging used to be my way to "get out of the house" and communicate with the world.  Now....I more often actually get out of the house and communicate with the world in a face to face way.  I'm loving it. 

My husband said to me recently "You seem more whole than I've ever known you to be."

He's right.

What I do miss though, is the (mostly) permanent record I was keeping of my little family's life.  One of my favorite things is to look back through my old posts and photos.  It's amazing how time flies!  

I know myself well enough to know that I'm not going to get caught up any time soon -- my piles of old prints waiting to go in albums in the upstairs bedroom is evidence of my "slacker" tendencies.  But I don't want to completely let the memories be lost, so I'll do a quick overview instead...


My baby boy is FOUR!  Holy cow - I just can't believe it.  He's the most loving, stubborn, energetic, and destructive kiddo I've ever known, and I wouldn't change a thing about him!  He is a whirlwind of exploration, destruction, and hugs and kisses....I don't know half the time if I should be hollering at him or giggling at him.  So most days?  I do both simultaneously :-)  I love you, little boy.  I can already see the courageous and fun-loving man you'll grow to be, and I am so blessed to be your Mama.

As a side note....the day of his party was one of my hardest days.  I was STUCK in San Francisco after an R+F event, and I thought I was going to miss his party because I would be getting in late.  If you saw a haggard looking, over-tired, WAY emotional woman blubbering her way through the SF airport....it was likely me.  I felt like a horrible mom, and nearly quit R+F all together.  Thankfully, I didn't miss his party.  Or quit R+F.  

Samantha decided that she didn't want to play soccer this last season - so she was my buddy as we sat and watched her siblings play.  There is simply no one who is easier to spend time with than my sweet little Sammy:

Ben is turning TEN this coming week!  And Clara can wear my shoes even though she's only 8!  I'm so proud of my kind-hearted, smart, wonderful big kids!

Clara came home with this little tidbit of joy....made my day:

Samantha took the lead of her older brother and sister, and started saving her money for her own iPod.  She worked and saved for over a year, and finally had enough money to make her purchase after her recent birthday.  Holy cow, I am SO proud of her!

Yup, Samantha is SIX.  Why does six seem like it's about 3 decades older than five?  She wanted a "flower" party with a daisy cake -- it was so fun to make it with her :-)  We also found a pink poodle pinata, which was just perfect for my little girly-girl.  Sammy is going through an interesting phase lately in which she HATES to be called "cute".

"Well Sammy, 'cute' is supposed to be a compliment.", I told her.

"But I don't LIKE it", was her reply.

"Okay.  What should I say when you look especially nice then?"

"'Pretty' or 'beautiful'.  'Gorgeous' works too."

Well, okay!!

Samantha -- I love your sweet spunk!  I love how you dance and sing and pretend.  You are a gentle and loving spirit, and I just wouldn't be complete without you in my life and heart.  I'm proud of you, my gorgeous girl!

My work with R+F is going great.  I love the people, the "work", and the perks.  I LOVE having a hope for our financial future that is now a joy to imagine.  And to top it off, I earned a free iPad from R+F last month!  My little heart goes pitter-patter every time the UPS guy drives by the house -- can't wait to get it!

Finally -- change -- change is in the air.  The season has changed.  The kids are growing.  The business is growing.  People in our lives are movin' and shakin'.....some in fun ways, some in painful ways, but all good.  I've been in the mood for change too.  I'm going to tackle painting the living room soon, but don't have time for that project today.  Instead, I settled on a new, shorter 'do:

Have a great day, bloggy friends!  Check back in another month or so for another update ;-)  In the mean time, if you'd like to keep in touch with me on a more regular basis, you can find me on facebook here:  Daiquiri fb

Lisa  – (12/10/2011 06:10:00 PM)  

first things first...LOOK AT YOU AND HOW GORGEOUS YOU ARE!!!! Your skin is amazing and even on a phone photo! haha! And your hair is adorable and you look 10 years younger and...!! OK, I'll stop ranting about how beautiful you are. But really, you look great. and your family is so sweet. I love seeing photos.

PS. got those before and after photos? I'm just that much closer to buying. But not to joining FB.

Anonymous –   – (12/12/2011 10:03:00 PM)  

I love your new look. I think your husband is right about you!

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