Fluid Dynamics for Preschoolers

Today is Sammy's favorite kind of day -- her snack day!  She loves choosing something special to wear (even though it makes her mommy cringe sometimes), picking a snack she thinks everyone will enjoy, and toying with us while she makes the decision about who will be the honored parent to join her.

This time, it's Daddy's turn to do snack day.  She brought graham crackers and applesauce, and she brought her stuffed animals "Shug Snuggle" to share with her friends.  The funniest part of this month's decision making process was absolutely the snack....her idea was that she should bring some apples for her classmates and some beer for Daddy!  hehehehe

Apparently, the lesson for today's class has to do with fluid dynamics....preschool style.  Luke just emailed me a video of Sammy's experiment:

Man, I love my life!


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