Meet Packer!

I was on my way home from having coffee with a friend, when I saw a "Free Labradoodle Puppies"sign.  Normally, I'd drive right on by.  This time?  My foot had a mind of it's own, and it promptly stomped on the brakes.  Thankfully, there was no car behind me!  

This little sweetie was the last little guy available.  Luke said "go for it".  I did.  

I'm pretty sure he approves of his new family - he felt at home enough to poop in the car on the way home.

I thought of the name "Packer" on the way home, and quickly dismissed it as silly.  The first thing the kids said when I got home?  "LET'S NAME HIM PACKER!!"

Packer it is :-)

(hey, it's better than "Pooper" taken with Clara's ipod)

Anonymous –   – (1/23/2011 07:34:00 PM)  

WOW...I know people who have paid hundred and hundreds for that breed of dog! What a blessing that this breed found his way to your home!!! They are the sweetest dogs and so family oriented. I love his'll always remember when you adopted him. Best of luck with the training....I don't miss those puppy days at all!!!

Lisa  – (1/24/2011 07:40:00 AM)  

He's adorable!!! AND FREE totally fits the budget.;-)

Can't wait for Daiq *puppy shots* that you have a new client living in your house and all. heehee

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