A Closer Look at my New Pup

Packer joined our family yesterday, and he's fitting right in.  He slept in the kennel last night with Extra, who did a good job of keeping him in line all night.  Surprisingly, we all got a good night's sleep (well, except maybe for Extra).

He seems to be pretty attached to me.  His favorite spot in the house so far is under my desk while I'm on the computer.  I like it...he keeps my toes warm :-)

He's a clumsy clunky little klutz...tried to casually saunter into the house today....through the closed glass patio door.  It's sort of like his long legs and big paws are just to big and unruly for him to control.  He's gonna be a big boy!

The kids are home from school today, so we all hit the dollar store and got him a chew toy, a new collar, and some dog treats.  Once we get the house-training thing down, we'll start to tackle fancy stuff like "sit", "leave it", and walking with a leash.  Oh, and Sammy wants to teach him "jump".  Hmmm...I wonder if we could teach him "scoop the dog poop out of the yard"? ;-)

Emily {Frilly Details}  – (1/24/2011 08:29:00 PM)  

Awww, that face is just too cute! Packer looks like a keeper :)

Lisa  – (1/25/2011 06:26:00 AM)  

he is soo cute! I want one!!

Isaac and Annabelle have been asking and asking and asking for a dog. We got her a FurReal Pet! haha!! It needs new batteries now. ;-)

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