So Long, Old Friend

Dear Diapers,

It's been a good relationship, a useful relationship.
You've done a great job, and I thank you for your service.
We've been through a lot, you and I.  The thick, the...ahem...thin.  The stinky.
But after being inseparable for 9 solid (and not so solid) years, we're through.
I've moved on.  This little family of mine, we've grown.
Sadly (for you), there is no place for you here anymore.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but you will not be missed.
So this is it, Old Friend.  It is finally...

good. bye.

Lisa  – (12/11/2010 04:16:00 PM)  

that has to be a good feeling and a sad feeling all in one. Good that you're little guy is now potty trained. And sad more babies.

Congrats on the new place in life. Diaperless. Now your purse is all YOURS!

feather  – (12/11/2010 09:16:00 PM)  

HUGE accomplishment as a mother of 4, no? that is some exciting stuff!

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