I've Been Holding Out on You

I don't want to be one of THOSE friends.  You know, the friend who walks into a room and makes everyone cringe because they sense a hard-sell coming on...the friend who talks about nothing besides the new gidged/widget/miracle cream that they want you to buy from them.

That's why I've been holding out on you.  I haven't been up-front about what's been consuming my thoughts, my time, my sleep, exercise time, and my nutritious eating.  Heck, I feel like I can hardly spell lately.  Honestly...my spell-checker has been working over-time because my stuffed-to-overflowing, sleep deprived, and crazy excited brain just can't slow down enough to THINK.

It's this new business of mine.

I can NOT believe it, but here I am...solidly in the direct marketing world...someplace I honestly never even wanted to be!

This sounds terribly dramatic of me to say, but it's been (quite literally) a spiritual experience.  It's been learning to put one foot in front of the next and in a particular direction because it's what He says to do.  It's mustering up the courage to talk to people in an open and honest way when I used to prefer to just put my head down and get through the store/office/school/day.  I'm connecting with God and people in a brand new way because...well...I don't really know what the heck I'm doing, and it's wonderful!

I'm sure you've heard people say it before - it seems that a billion people before me have said that they find themselves closest to God when they get to the end of themselves.  When they have nothing else to give...when they don't know what to do...when they're in that proverbial foxhole...that's when they finally turn to God.  And lo-and-behold....a real and living and loving and powerful God actually shows UP!

The beauty of this journey for me lies directly in the fact that I started at a completely unknown place for me.  I started at my end.  My only option from day 1 was to turn to God and say "HELP!"  And lo-and-behold...God showed up for me too.

It felt sort of like I imagine jumping out of an airplane would feel.  Terrifying.  Thrilling.  Exhilarating.  Sort of like living for the first time, and hoping that this wonderful experience won't end with a giant *splat*, hoping with a desperate hope that the crazy parachute will open when I pull the chord.

But this time...the jump is my every morning.
I'm a little bit scared every single day.
It's thrilling.
And my parachute will not fail, because my parachute is none other that God Almighty!

"Really?", you must be thinking..."You're calling being a sales-lady a religious experience?  Sheesh.  Find a hobby."

If this were just any old product and any old opportunity, I'd agree with you :-)

But this is not just any product.  And this opportunity can change my family's financial future in a really big way.  I have gigantic dreams for this thing.  I mean HUGE.  Big like they're so big I'm afraid to say them out loud to anyone but God.  And do you know what?  It feels like He's smiling at me every time I pour out those dreams at His feet and say..."If you will, Lord, this is what I'm dreaming of.  I don't want to have not because I ask not, so I'm lying these dreams at your feet and asking for your very best in my life."

I'm asking BIG.

And do you know what?  When I ask big of my very big God?  It seems that I don't have a parachute for this jump at all.

I have wings...

Lisa  – (12/13/2010 02:04:00 PM)  

You've SO got wings!!!

I'm so glad to hear that you're ready to soar.

Miss you!

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