No Good Title Comes To Mind

Today is one of those days where a different thought pops into my head every 12, my faithful blog, you are stuck with a boring old list of what's on my mind.

1.  I voted.  I was having a bit of a dilemma about who to vote for in one race, but then I saw a sign that said "Support President Obama, vote for XYZ".  That pretty much sealed the deal for me.  Voted for the Other Guy.

2.  I'm still wondering who put that sign up.  Was it XYZ, or the Other Guy?

3.  It used to be that I thought chiropractors were quacks.  That was before my chiropractor (aka. Mr. Magic Hands) made it so that I could turn my head to the left without pain.  He did what my doctor and physical therapist couldn't.  I'm sold.

4.  Sammy asked me today "Mommy, how many are you?"  "I'm 36 years old, sweetie.  But I'll be 37 this weekend!  Did you know that it's my birthday soon?"  "You're already 36 though...that's a you're gonna be MORE?!"  Something about kids... they just suck the youth right out of me :-)

5.  I used to paint my fingernails.  I used to love trying different beauty products.  I used to have my bedroom painted a pretty peach color - to match the ruffly bedspread.  I was a girly girl.  Then, I started engineering school and thus began a good solid decade during which I didn't wear pink.  I was one of 3 women in a class of over 40 people who graduated in my class.  I spent the vast majority of my time with guys.  And then, for the next 4 years, I worked as the only woman engineer in my team.  It's true, you know.  You sort of become who you hang out with.  I've been Miss Practical Dresser and Miss No Frills for years.  Then kids rolled into the picture.  I had belly flab to cover - not to mention the fact that I needed VERY washable fabrics since I suddenly had far more contact with unpleasant bodily fluids than I was accustomed to.  Can it be washed in hot?  Bleached?  Sold.

6.  But last week?  Mom and Dad took me clothes shopping for my birthday.  And then I found a purple scarf.  And some dangly earrings.  Watch out - next thing you know, I'll be headed out to get a spiral perm.    It feels good.  It feels great.  I'm gettin' my girly back on, and I'm liking it.

7.  Anyone want to go shoe shopping with me?

8.  I'm making homemade hummus as soon as I post this entry.  How hard can it be?

9.  Before I left for Wisconsin, I was beyond stressed.  What do I do when I'm stressed?  By now, you should know the answer to this....I do something, anything, that is completely counter-productive and a waste of time.  It often involves eating food that I shouldn't eat or spending money that I shouldn't spend.  This time was no different.  First, I raided the Halloween candy.  Mmmm....Kit Kats.  Fortunately for me, I accidently bought the Halloween version of Kit Kats, which are covered in orange chocolate and are completely barfy.  My waistline appreciated this.

Then, I got on eBay and started buying antique books.  I bought nine of them to add to my collection.  Actually...they ARE my collection since I'd never bought an antique book in my life.  I don't know what the heck is wrong with me.

10.  I was thinking I wasted a bunch of money buying old books, and I felt terrible.  But then I really looked at them today.  They're old and soft and a tad smelly.  A couple of them are more vintage than antique.  My favorite find is "The Life and Words of Christ"...670 page hardcover book published 120 years ago.  I don't feel bad anymore.

11.   I'm crazy in love.  My wonderful man is the greatest gift God ever blessed me with.  

12.  My favorite quote of the week is by my sister in law who I'm pen-pals with.  Her letters are often a highlight for me.  Words flow from her pen in a way that is no less than artistic.  Beautiful.  Thought provoking.  Truly - sheer art.  She has an incredible gift.  Think I exaggerate?  Check out her blog:  The Internet Binge.  This time she talked a bit about following the lead of the Spirit and walking the Christian walk:

"What is there left to give?  I mean, what else is there that I can be reasonably expected to live without?  News flash: Jesus isn't terribly reasonable.  He's a lot of things, but reasonable--at least in the way I usually use the word--isn't really one of them."

And how!

13.  Hummus.  Diet Pepsi.  Juanita's tortilla chips.  Now.  Have a great day!  (and don't forget to vote)

Jessica  – (11/02/2010 03:16:00 PM)  

1. Hummus is way easy.
2. Yes, I want to go shoe shopping (maybe I should have made that #1).
3. Dangly earrings?! I'm so excited for you!
4. Spiral perm?!!!! Don't you DARE!

Hilary  – (11/07/2010 11:18:00 AM)  

What a shame for Sammy not eating the rest of the week.... ;)

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